Youth Courses

Small single-handed boats are used with a maximum of 6 students to 1 instructor.
Stage 1 and 2 courses are planned for May and June which will provide the basics of sailing. 
More advanced courses are planned for later.
It is not necessary to be a Scout or Explorer or to have done a taster session.
Participants who achieve Stage 2 may attend the Club to consolidate what they have learnt.
The Course
Bring a snack, packed lunch and drinks as required. 
Lunch and theory sessions are in the classroom at Pooles Wharf Arrive dressed ready to sail at 9.00 each day, and bring your log book if you have one.
Clothes: Wetsuits are recommended, alternatively (and weather dependent) shorts, leggings / joggers, tee shirts, fleeces, lightweight cagoules (preferably in synthetic fibres) and wet boots, daps or old trainers and bring a towel and spare change of clothes in case you get wet.
Jeans, wellies, hard soled shoes and crocks are not suitable.
An electronic registration form on must be completed for each student before each course.
COVID19 Requirements
Bring appropriate clothing as most theory, snacks and lunch will be outside.
The changing room is currently closed (a COVID 19 requirement) and going home wet and wrapped up in a towel may be easier than changing outside.
Students must comply with the COVID 19 requirements we have in place at the time and will wear a face covering on shore, maintain space and sanitise hands regularly.